Premiere: 'Fictions' Music Video by Overslept

We love any chance to work with our friends in the Denver-based band Overslept, so we leapt at the opportunity to help them film a music video for ‘Fictions’ from their upcoming album! We have filmed an Overlook Session (view here) with these wonderful folks, and it was one of the things that made our Season I wrap-up party so special. They are each so incredibly creative in very unique ways, and it makes the creative process that much more special. This was an exciting project for us since it was our first video-only effort. We got to play with lighting and different types of shots than we have typically done with our past projects. It was special to spend more time than usual making sure everything was up to our standards, and we appreciate all we learned during the process.

Working with Elias (of Dogged Line Design Supply) made it easy to help his vision come to life. We were also ecstatic about working with Keenan Goodwine of Good Wine Design for animation, and Malena Roberts of BSPK Creative for set design.

“The energy and the talent that everyone involved brought to this project really made it something special. We’re so excited to share this video with everyone!” -Overslept

Check out the video below, and share on social media! Find Overslept online here, here, and here.

MacKenzie Everitt